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Tortuous veins. Large veins. Small veins. Recurrent symptoms. These ideal NTNT patients walk through your clinic every day. Treat them comfortably—and reliably—with Varithena®. Proven effective in the broadest range of anatomies and now with favorable reimbursement—there’s really no reason not to treat more with Varithena®.

A straightforward procedure.
A more comfortable experience.

Offer your patients a virtually pain-free, straightforward experience. Varithena® uses 1–2 needle sticks per treatment and takes only about 10 minutes to administer. It’s approved for use in the broadest range of anatomies.

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Not just another foam.

Varithena® is the only specially formulated microfoam with patented technology that results in a uniform density, size and stability (UDSS) microfoam. The small, low-nitrogen residual bubbles are rapidly absorbed and able to deliver reliable results with reduced complications.

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Physician-Compounded Foam


A safe and reliable option now with its own CPT codes

of patients don’t seek varicose vein treatment because of fear of pain.1

With its own dedicated CPT code, Varithena® is a safer and more efficient way to treat more patients safely—without compromising on outcomes.

“Varithena® has unique advantages that has really expanded the breadth of patients that I can treat.”

Dr. Michael Shao,
Swedish Covenant Hospital

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