The TheraSphere iDOC™ is an interactive Dose Ordering Calculator that will assist in calculating and ordering the appropriate TheraSphere® dose vial size. The calculations are based upon the desired dose, timing of administration, lung shunt fraction, anticipated residual waste, and previous dose to the lungs.

Supported Browsers: Chrome (24+), Firefox (18+), Safari (5.1+), Opera (12+) and Internet Explorer (9+).

Your data will not be retained once you place an order or navigate away from TheraSphere iDOC™ page. If you know the dose you require, please proceed to our online order form or learn more about our y90 treatment and how they can help treat hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

To see the TheraSphere iDOC™ in action, view the video below.

Regulatory information for TheraSphere iDOC:

(8012) Version 1.1