READ90Y Registry

The TheraSphere® READ90Y registry is an observational, prospective global study.

READ90Y is the first TheraSphere® registry designed to address data gaps and provide valuable insights into the management of liver cancer in a real world clinical practice setting following TheraSphere® treatment.

The registry will capture the effectiveness and safety of TheraSphere® in the diversity of disease presentation, treatment modalities and intention to treat decision-making to inform future treatment considerations.

Approximately 25 academic and community-based centers across the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia will be participating in the READ90Y registry. The enrollment target for the registry is 1000 patients with dosimetry data, using the Simplicit90Y software, collected from 300 HCC patients.

Patient recruitment is ongoing and expected to last approximately 3 years and the entire study 5 years.

More information can be found on; NCT03516695