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Discover how absorbed radiation dose to tumor maximizes necrosis without compromising patient safety 3-6, 13

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Deliver the<br />
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Stop Exposing Yourself To Unnecessary Radiation

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<p>Stop Exposing Yourself To Unnecessary Radiation</p>

Radiation vs. Embolization

Some liver cancer treatments work through their embolic properties. TheraSphere® utilizes radiation as its primary mode of action to destroy tumor tissue.1 The high activity of glass microspheres makes TheraSphere® microembolic and preserves normal parenchymal flow since fewer microspheres are needed to achieve the desired absorbed dose.1,3,5,7,11,45

Absorbed Dose Matters

High absorbed dose coverage should be the goal of treatment with y90 radioembolization. Influenced by the combined effects of microsphere coverage and administered activity, a greater absorbed dose to tumor with TheraSphere® leads to improved outcomes above certain absorbed dose thresholds without compromising patient safety.1,2,5,6,39,43

Power to Personalize

TheraSphere® offers the flexibility to optimize absorbed dose to the tumor to meet individual patient treatment goals in both the curative and palliative settings. This enables clinical utility for downstaging, bridge to transplant, radiation segmentectomy and portal vein thrombosis.8,9,40,44



TheraSphere® yields tumor necrosis using radiation as the primary mechanism of action, with a microembolic effect.1,6