About TheraSphere®


TheraSphere® acts predominantly through radiation vs. embolization, and its unique properties, including high activity per sphere, enable high absorbed dose coverage to the tumor. The ability of TheraSphere® to selectively deliver a high absorbed dose to the tumor without compromising patient safety is fundamental to achieving improved patient outcomes.

The observation that improved responses are seen above certain absorbed dose thresholds opens the way for personalized dosimetry with glass microspheres, with the ultimate goal of optimizing dose according to patient-specific tumor characteristics.

The properties of TheraSphere® also allow for unique treatment options in the clinic. Not being limited by the number of microspheres provides flexibility to adjust radiation dose according to individual patient needs, enabling clinical utility for downstaging, bridge to transplant, and radiation segmentectomy. TheraSphere® has demonstrated treatment success in a range of scenarios: curative or palliative, livers with single or multifocal tumors, portal vein thrombosis (PVT), and using segmental or lobar approaches.3–8

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