Patient Benefits


The demonstrated safety and efficacy of TheraSphere® offer multiple benefits to patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): 3,5,7,8

  • Increased options for treatment
    • May lead to patients becoming eligible for therapies that are potentially curative (e.g. RFA, surgery, or transplant)7,8
    • Provides alternative treatment for liver cancer for patients who otherwise have limited therapeutic options due to complicating factors5,7,12– 14
  • Improved treatment experience
    • Improved quality of life during and after treatment17,18
    • Majority of side effects are temporary and relatively mild3,5,7,13
    • Administered on an outpatient basis, with patients usually discharged two to six hours after infusion7,8
    • No precautions are required following discharge from hospital
  • No leaching of Y90 from glass microspheres means no radiation is excreted in bodily fluids4,9,19
  • ALARA radiation therapy means secondary exposure to others is within regulatory limits20
  • Few treatments required, with most patients receiving one treatment7,12,13


RFA = radiofrequency ablation; Y90 = yttrium-90