At BTG, we are exploring the synergy between our locoregional therapies (LRT) and other immunotherapeutics to help drive patients’ own immune system to fight cancer.

Some tumour types don’t respond to Immuno-Oncology drugs and for others, response rates are low. Therefore, the oncology community is looking for additional therapies to combine with these drugs to increase the number of patients who benefit.

Through collaborative working, we are building evidence that LRTs, such as our ablation and embolisation products, offer great potential in combination with these drugs.

Combining Our Interventional Oncology Products

With a focus on Interventional Oncology, we are already using minimally invasive, LRT to treat cancer.

By combining our established product lines – which include cryoblation, radiotherapy microspheres, drug-eluting1 and embolisation beads, with Immuno-Oncology therapeutics – we hope that more patients will now benefit from Immuno-Oncology drugs such as check point inhibitors.

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Working Alongside the Society of Interventional Oncology

We have a partnership with the Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO), an organisation that works hard to nurture and support interventional oncology globally. They too working to understand the unmet needs in the field of Immuno-Oncology and explore the way in which interventional oncology may help.

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Supporting preclinical and clinical research

We are eager to support preclinical and clinical studies with BTG Interventional Oncology products in combination with immunotherapies in a range of tumour types and welcome proposals from investigators interested in conducting such research.

For example, we have approved funding of Investigator Initiator Studies (IISs) at Northwestern University and the Mayo Clinic:

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Interested in collaborating?

We are always interested to hear from like-minded research organisations who want to combine approaches and efforts in the area of Immuno-Oncology. We specialise in the local delivery of therapeutics and in interventional procedures for the treatment of cancer either alone or in combination. Please check out our Contact Us