Educational Grants and/or Charitable Donations

What’s an educational grant?

An Educational Grant is funding provided by BTG in the form of money, equipment, or other benefit in kind to a healthcare organisation to support independent educational programme(s), but does not control the activity for which the “grant” is to be used, and BTG receives no services in return.

Who can apply?

Academic medical centers, hospitals, medical societies, professional associations, governmental agencies, quality-based organisations, and patient advocacy organisations can apply for an Educational Grant or Charitable Donation.

What are the criteria for an Educational Grant Application?

  • CME / third-party education
  • Patient advocacy
  • Patient education programmes
  • Charitable donations to organisations with legal standing as determined by local law
  • Local activities in the areas of health and science

Does BTG have any specific Budget Guidelines?

BTG does not provide Educational Grants for the following activities:

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How do I apply for an Educational Grant?

To apply for an Educational Grant, please complete the Educational Grant Submission Form. Once complete, save the PDF and email in addition to the required documents listed below to

You must provide detailed information describing the programme or activity for which funding is being requested.

All documents listed below must be included:

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Please email your Educational Grants documentation to