BTG is dedicated to promoting excellence in patient care and providing education information to the medical community. We demonstrate this commitment by awarding grants for continuing medical education (CME) events and independent research.

Our Global Grants Programme is not influenced by BTG’s commercial interests and grants are connected to topics, events, societies or independent research and must meet certain objectives that are relevant to BTG’s business and/or therapeutic classes.

We support educational activities that are objective, balanced and scientifically rigorous and ensure all these events are beneficial to the medical or scientific community, and advance patient care.

We operate according to the highest standards to ensure our Educational and Ancillary Research Grants, in addition to donation practices, comply with applicable laws and regulations. At BTG, we also recognise guidelines such as those promoted by the ABHI, ABPI, PhRMA, AdvaMed and Eucomed. For accredited education grants, at a minimum, requesting organisations must meet the principles and standards outlined by national (e.g. USA ACCME) or regional (UEMS-EACCME) accrediting bodies.

Types of grants eligible for funding:

Educational Grants

Educational Grants we consider supporting encompass:

  • CME / third-party education
  • Patient advocacy
  • Patient education programmes
  • Local activities in the areas of health and science

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Ancillary Research Grants

Ancillary Research Grants we consider supporting encompass:

  • Medical writing support for publishing independent research
  • Support to fund data analysis related to independent research
  • Funding to support a research fellow’s contribution to a specific research project (for a specified period of time)

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Charitable Donations

A Charitable Donation is a donation to an organisation with legal standing as determined by local law.

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Areas of Focus

Educational Grants, Ancillary Research Grants and Charitable Donations are carried out according to our medical strategy. Our areas of therapeutic interest include:

  • Interventional Medicine with a focus on the treatment of cancer, severe emphysema, severe blood clots, and varicose veins.
  • Pharmaceuticals with a focus on antidotes that alleviate toxicity and treat rare conditions, specifically counteracting snake venom and the toxicity associated with some heart and cancer medications.