EKOS Endovascular System - Control Unit PT3b

The EKOS Control Unit PT3b with Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis treatment is very unique. It uses targeted ultrasonic waves in combination with clot-dissolving drugs in the treatment of PE, DVT and PAO. The system uses a sophisticated catheter and an ultrasonic core to effectively target an entire clot.


Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis

The EKOS Control Unit PT3b with Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis technology thins a clot’s fibrous mesh called fibrin. The acoustic pulse field makes the fibrin more porous while creating a pressure gradient which transports the clot-dissolving drug deep inside the clot.

  • Speeds time-to-clot dissolution.
  • Results in quality clinical outcomes.
  • Increases clot removal and enhances clinical improvement compared to either standard, catheter-directed drug therapy or thrombectomy.14,15

Targets the Thrombus Safely

  • Lowers the risk of bleeding and other complications.1,14
  • Dissolves clots without damaging vessels, valves or walls.9

More Effective Drug Delivery

  • Reduces dosage requirements by as much as 68% compared to standard, catheter-directed drug therapy.1
  • Requires up to 4x less drug dosage than traditional systemic delivery.4,5

Superior Clot Clearance3,7

  • 48% greater drug absorption within 1 hour.16
  • 84% greater drug absorption within 2 hours.16