Technology & Benefits

How does EKOS work?

The Thrombosis Barrier

Blood clots are tightly bound together in a fibrous mesh called fibrin. Fibrin blocks the flow of thrombolytic drugs, requiring a higher drug dose to be effective.

With Acoustic Pulse

Our acoustic pulse field unwinds and thins fibrin to expose receptor sites.

With Acoustic Pulse and Thrombolytic Drug

More drug reaches the entire clot, accelerating absorption.


Clinical Benefits

Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis™

  • Speeds time-to-clot dissolution.
  • Results in quality clinical outcomes.
  • Increases clot removal and enhances clinical improvement compared to either standard catheter-directed drug therapy or thrombectomy.14,15
  • Requires significantly shorter treatment times compared to standard CDT.2

Targets the Thrombus Safely

  • Lowers the risk of bleeding and other complications.14,1
  • Dissolves clots without damaging vessels, valves or walls.9

More Effective Drug Delivery

  • Reduces dosage requirements by as much as 68% compared to standard, catheter-directed drug therapy.1
  • Requires up to 4x less drug dosage than traditional systemic delivery.4,5

Superior Clot Clearance3,7

  • 48% greater drug absorption within 1 hour.16
  • 84% greater drug absorption within 2 hours.16