Cryoablation can be an effective, minimally invasive treatment option for most patients with kidney cancer. Physicians will review a patient’s characteristics, in combination with their experience, to identify candidates appropriate for cryoablation. The benefits and outcomes related to the use of cryoablation allow its use for patients who may be considered unsuitable for other treatment options, including individuals with:

  • Solid, localized kidney tumor masses
  • Multiple co-morbidities (simultaneous disease, medical condition)
  • Inability to tolerate general anesthesia
  • A single kidney
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Multiple renal tumors
  • Tumors that increase in size over a brief period of active surveillance
  • A desire for a non-surgical treatment

Clinical specialty societies (American Urological Association (AUA) and European Association of Urologists (EAU)) and national cancer groups include cryoablation as a treatment option in their guidelines for the management of kidney cancer.

Further Information

AUA Clinical Guidelines for Management of Renal Mass
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