Visual-ICE™ System

The Visual-ICE™ Cryoablation System brings cryoablation to the next level by providing superior freezing performance, an intuitive user interface and innovative platform that incorporates helium-free options for thawing and cautery for track ablation.

The Visual-ICE™ Cryoablation System is intended for the cryoablative destruction of tissue during
minimally invasive percutaneous procedures. During a cryoablation procedure, extreme cold is
delivered through very small needles (1.5 mm or 2.4 mm diameter), creating an iceball to destroy the
targeted tissue. The physician monitors the ablation zone to ensure adequate treatment using direct
visualization or image guidance such as ultrasound or computed tomography (CT).

The Visual-ICE System features a mobile console with a large HD touch screen user interface to
control the circulation of high-pressure gases (argon for freezing, helium for thawing) through
closed-tip cryoablation needles connected to the system. The system incorporates i-Flow®
Technology, a proprietary software algorithm that optimizes performance of each cryoablation needle.

This system controls the use of i-Thaw® needles to actively thaw ice without the use of helium and
the use of needles with CX features to perform FastThaw without helium or perform track ablation to
minimize the potential for track seeding.

Real-time temperature monitoring, through thermal sensors connected to the system, enables
procedural control to protect critical anatomy.