Cryoablation Systems - Overview

A cryoablation system and needles are the key components needed when performing a cryoablation procedure. The cryoablation system manages the flow of pressurized gas (argon and helium) and provides the physician direct control of iceball development during a procedure. 

BTG IO cryoablation systems are used in academic centers, research study sites, community hospitals and clinics worldwide.


The ICEfx™ Cryoablation System offers predictable, reliable performance with seamless therapy delivery and exceptional ease of technical operation. The ICEfx™ Cryoablation System's intuitive user interface design, and ablation zone performance make up this next generation state of the art ablation technology.

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ICEfx™ System


The Visual-ICE™ Cryoablation System brings cryoablation to the next level by providing superior freezing performance, an intuitive user interface and innovative platform that incorporates helium-free options for thawing and cautery for track ablation.

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Visual-ICE™ System


The Visual-ICE™ MRI Cryoablation System is specialized for the magnet room. The Visual-ICE™ MRI Cryoablation System is the only MR ablation system on the market. The Visual-ICE MRI System leverages the unique advantages of cryoablation zone visibility with the exquisite image resolution of MR.

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Visual-ICE™ MRI System