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Bead Block® is a preformed, deformable blue-tinted microsphere consisting of a biocompatible, acrylamido polyvinyl alcohol macromer. Bead Block® comprises a range of hydrogel microspheres that are biocompatible, hydrophilic, non-resorbable and precisely calibrated. 


Bead Block® is intended to be used for the embolisation of hypervascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs).


  • Single-syringe pack
  • Each pack contains a single 20ml syringe presented in a sterile, sealed pre-formed Tyvek® peel-away tray
  • Each syringe contains approximately 2ml of Bead Block® in physiological buffered saline (total volume approximately 6ml)
  • Each syringe is intended for single patient use
  • Two-year shelf life from manufacture
  • Steam sterilized
Product Codes
Bead Block® Size Range BTG
Bead Block® 100-300µm EB2S103 Yellow
Bead Block® 300-500µm EB2S305 Blue
Bead Block® 500-700µm EB2S507 Red
Bead Block® 700-900µm EB2S709 Green
Bead Block® 900-1200µm EB2S912 Purple

Bead Block® Customer Service

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Phone: 877-626-9989
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