Specialty Pharmaceuticals

We provide rescue medicines typically used in emergency rooms and intensive care units to treat patients for whom there are limited treatment options. We are dedicated to delivering quality medicines that make a real difference to patients and their families through the development, manufacture, and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. Our current portfolio of antidotes counteract certain snake venoms and the toxicity associated with some heart and cancer medications. We are actively researching new uses for our products and seek opportunities to license or acquire additional products that enable specialist physicians to serve their patients better.


Not all products and/or indications are available in all territories

What's New


With robust quality systems, and a focus on patient safety, our manufacturing facilities aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and regulatory authorities.


Our pharmaceutical products are sold throughout the US by a dedicated field force and are made available outside of the US through partners where approved or where permitted on a named patient basis.


As leaders in our areas of rescue medicine, we continue to invest in our portfolio; improving our products, collecting new data, and finding new ways to serve physicians and their patients.