Keep crossing options open. A complex lesion can have a simple solution
The BTG MultiCross™ anchoring catheter provides three lumen options for three potential crossing pathways to make tough occlusion crossings easier in peripheral and coronary vasculature.  The advanced technology for staying true lumen with fast occlusion crossings and the potential to introduce different therapy tools opens revascularization possibilities.
Gain stability

  • Provides stability for the guidewire when advanced
Get through
  • Amplifies tip penetration force to 15x that of a guidewire alone2
  • 92.4% crossing success rates in complex lesions1
Stay true lumen with options for positional accuracy
  • Multi-lumen anchoring catheter provides positional options
  • Up to three 0.014” guidewires can be used independently to cross true lumen

Download the MultiCross™ brochure and IFU's below:

MultiCross Brochure
MultiCross IFU (FDA Cleared)
MultiCross IFU  (CE Mark)

Watch this video to learn how MultiCross™ works

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