Navigate challenging peripheral and coronary anatomies. A complex lesion can have a simple solution.
The BTG MicroCross™ provides the support to make tough occlusion crossings easier in peripheral and coronary vasculatures.  The advanced technology provides maximum guidewire support to stay true lumen with fast occlusion crossings and opens revascularization possibilities. 

BTG MicroCross™ puts you ahead.

  • Low profile and tapered tip tracks through complex, tortuous and narrow anatomy to the lesion.
  • Variable pitch braiding optimizes stiffness at the proximal end and flexibility at the distal end, providing high torqueability without kinking.
  • Lubricious state-of-the-art Serene™ coating provides low friction force and a Teflon-lined inner core for smooth guidewire control.


Combining MicroCross™ microcatheters with CenterCross™ or MultiCross™  anchoring catheters provides a comprehensive solution.

Download the MicroCross™ brochure and IFU's below:

MicroCross Brochure
MicroCross IFU (FDA Cleared)
MicroCross IFU  (CE Mark)

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