Choose anchoring support to make tough crossings easier. A complex lesion can have a simple solution.

The advanced technology of the BTG CenterCross™ anchoring catheter provides the support to make tough occlusion crossings easier in peripheral and coronary vasculature. Staying true lumen with fast occlusion crossings opens revascularization possibilities.

Anchor for support

  • A self-expanding scaffold anchors our catheter near the proximal cap, designed to provide support for accurate centering and staying true lumen.

Gain stability

  • Provides  positional accuracy to stay true lumen, maximizing your chance of a successful intraluminal crossing.
  • Features a unique centering mechanism to penetrate the proximal cap.
  • Provides stability for the guidewire when advanced.
 Get through
  • Amplifies tip penetration force to 5x that of a microcatheter and 0.014 guidewire.2
  • When loaded with a microcatheter, amplifies tip penetration force to 13x that of a 0.014 guidewire.2

Deliver Additional Therapies as Needed
BTG CenterCross™ Ultra features the UltraLiner, a full-length guide extension, that allows for further interventional therapies to be delivered with greater support.

Download the CenterCross™ brochure and IFU's below:

CenterCross Ultra Brochure
CenterCross Ultra LV IFU (FDA Cleared)
CenterCross Ultra IFU (FDA Cleared)
CenterCross Ultra IFU  (CE Mark)

Watch this video to learn how CenterCross Ultra™ works

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