BTG Supplier and Partner Resources

Access to resources that assist BTG suppliers and partners mitigate healthcare, bribery and corruption risks.

Welcome to the BTG Supplier and Partner Resource Page

The resources on this site are offered in the spirit of partnership between BTG and our suppliers and partners. We recognize that we share the objective to improve the health of patients. Working in healthcare, we also appreciate the importance and complexity of complying with all applicable regulations and laws. To better understand BTG’s approach, below you’ll find BTG’s Global Policy on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals and BTG’s Global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy. Each BTG global policy informs BTG’s local policies and procedures.

The remainder of the documents are being provided to BTG suppliers and partners who have expressed the need for the foundational elements of a Healthcare Compliance Program, including Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Program controls. The model or sample tools are designed to be foundational in nature and designed for smaller organizations that may not have the controls of a large multinational manufacturer. We hope the tools assist you in enhancing your Compliance program. In adopting these tools, we’re confident that your company will also become a more attractive business partner to an increasing number of multinational manufacturers that share BTG’s ethical expectations.