Inspired by a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we’re working to meaningfully improve the lives of patients and their healthcare experience.

We’ve earned a strong reputation for our commitment to innovation. It’s what drives our partnership with clinicians, academics, and other companies.

We start with the needs of patients and an in-depth knowledge of our customers. Whether it’s spotting opportunities to improve our existing products or identifying unmet needs, we are constantly learning from our physician partners. These insights help inform our investments in product development, physician-led exploratory studies, and full scale clinical trials.

For example, our Innovation team has used unique chemistry to develop the first radiopaque embolic bead that allows physicians to treat their patients with vision, precision and assurance. Cleared in the US as LC Bead LUMI™ and approved in the EU as DC Bead LUMI™, the beads are intended to be used for the embolisation of hypervascular tumours and arteriovenous malformations.

We also strive to continuously improve existing products. We felt we could improve personalisation of dosing when treating liver cancer with TheraSphere® so we partnered with physicians and a specialist imaging software company to new make a new dosimetry planning tool which is now being trialled. Our next generation EKOS® control unit is smaller and more portable, with a touch screen user interface, and increased power to control two catheters.

We are also investing in clinical trials designed to expand the uses and geographic availability of our products, and to help demonstrate their value.

We will continue to search for imaginitive solutions to complex medical problems. We believe in the transformative power of medical innovation to improve human health. In 2017/18 we invested £95 million in product innovation and development.