Pharmaceuticals Press Release

Date Title
05 August 2019 Randomized double-blinded study to commence on DigiFab® for kidney injury related to CABG surgery
11 July 2019 NCCN issues first pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia guidelines, including use of Voraxaze®
29 April 2019 Trial finds patients receiving CroFab® antivenom less likely to use opioids for pain control
05 March 2019 New research validates clinical value of treating Copperhead envenomation with CroFab®
14 February 2019 A Retrospective Study of Medicare claim data shows patients treated with Voraxaze® had shorter hospitalizations and lower mortality
08 January 2019 BTG and OMNY Partner to Improve Treatment of Snake Bite Victims
26 September 2018 BTG Announces Replacement Policy for Expired CroFab®
13 September 2018 FDA Approves CroFab® Product Improvements
16 November 2017 New consensus guidelines provide specific recommendations for use of Voraxaze® in patients with dela
13 September 2017 Vistogard® and Voraxaze® Added to Revised Guidelines for Stocking of Antidotes in US Hospitals
13 June 2017 New Study Shows Patients Treated With CroFab® Have Improved Recovery From Copperhead Envenomation
07 March 2017 SnakeBite911™ Expands Free Snake Education and Snakebite Safety App to Android Devices
17 August 2016 CMS Grants Vistogard® New Technology Add-on Payment Status Effective 1 October 2016
09 March 2016 New Data from Largest Prospective Study on CroFab® for Treatment of Copperhead Snake Envenomation
11 December 2015 BTG Announces FDA Approval of VISTOGARD® (Uridine Triacetate) as Antidote to Overdose and Early Onset, Severe, or Life-Threatening Toxicities from Chemotherapy Drugs 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) or Capecitabine
10 September 2015 BTG Announces FDA Acceptance of Wellstat Therapeutics’ New Drug Application for Uridine Triacetate as Antidote to Overexposure to Chemotherapy Drug 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU)
10 October 2014 BTG reaches settlement regarding CroFab® patent litigation
08 January 2014 BTG’s manufacturing facility in west Wales awarded top Environmental Standard
12 April 2013 BTG plc: Varisolve® NDA accepted for full review by FDA
04 February 2013 BTG plc: Varisolve® NDA submitted to the FDA
05 September 2012 CMS grants new prospective reimbursement for Voraxaze®
04 June 2012 BTG announces data presentation on Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting
30 April 2012 Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) Launched in the US
23 April 2012 BTG Announces Positive Results from Second US Pivotal Phase III Trial of Varisolve®
28 March 2012 DigiFab® 40 mg/vial digoxin immune Fab
30 January 2012 BTG Announces Positive Data from First US Phase III Trial of Varisolve®
18 January 2012 BTG plc: Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) receives US regulatory approval
07 December 2011 BTG plc: Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) licensed to Ohara Pharmaceuticals in Japan
20 September 2011 BTG plc: FDA accepts Biologics License Application file for Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) and grants Priority Review
06 July 2011 BTG Acquires US Marketing Rights to Wellstat’s Investigational Antidote for 5-FU Overexposure
25 October 2010 BTG plc: AstraZeneca initiates Phase IIb study for AZD9773 (CytoFab™) as a treatment for severe sepsis
16 September 2010 BTG plc: First Varisolve® US Phase III Trial Initiated
04 February 2010 BTG Receives First European Regulatory Approval for DigiFab™
28 August 2009 BTG Sells HySolv™ Technology to Major Pharmaceutical Company
29 July 2009 BTG plc: AstraZeneca to Progress CytoFab™ into Phase IIb Study


Our pharmaceutical products are sold throughout the US by a dedicated field force and are made available outside of the US through partners where approved or where permitted on a named patient basis.