Thanks for visiting BTG IO at ECIO. If you're attending the meeting, please do come and see us on Booth 2, but if you can't make it, you don't have to miss out. We’ve got an overview of our product portfolio, DC Bead LUMI® & GALIL™ Cryoablation workshop information, downloads to tell you more, plus our TheraSphere® symposium – available live on Sunday, then on demand.

Transform Cancer Care with Smarter Solutions

A live stream of our TheraSphere® symposium: Integrating 90Y SIRT into clinical practice: the targeted and personalised approach will be available here, followed by a recorded version on demand.

BTG IO Portfolio Highlights

TheraSphere® symposium – live & on demand

BTG Workshops at ECIO

Product Information

TheraSphere® - All SIRT is not the same

Simplicit90Y Key Features

DC Bead LUMI- Right First Time

GALIL - 5 Reasons you need IceFORCE