PneumRx® Endobronchial Coil Technology

PneumRx® Endobronchial Coil Overview

The PneumRx® Endobronchial Coils are minimally invasive medical implants designed for the treatment of severe emphysema with hyperinflation.

The shape-memory nitinol Coils are indicated for use in patients with homogeneous and/or heterogeneous severe emphysema to improve quality of life, lung function, and exercise capacity.

The PneumRx® Endobronchial Coil System is used in conjunction with a 2.8mm working channel therapeutic bronchoscope and fluoroscopic imaging to introduce multiple Coils into the lungs using a minimally invasive approach that requires no incision. When implanted in sub-segmental airways of the lung, each nitinol Coil is designed to:

  • Gather and compress damaged lung tissue
  • Re-tension the airway network
  • Reduce airway collapse and air trapping
  • Redirect air to healthier portions of the lung


The Coils are available in several sizes to accommodate various airway lengths.

With proper patient selection and treatment planning, your referral to an experienced treatment center may result in optimized patient outcomes from this advanced intervention.