The Company

PneumRx is focused on developing minimally-invasive solutions for unmet medical needs in pulmonary medicine.

Our Story

PneumRx was founded in 2004 as a venture-backed medical device company in Silicon Valley, and it was acquired by BTG in 2015.  The company is part of BTG’s Interventional Pulmonology business unit and is dedicated to supporting clinicians in improving the lives of patients who suffer from severe emphysema.

PneumRx’s flagship product,  the PneumRx® Lung Volume Reduction (LVR) Coil System, is designed for use in patients with homogeneous and/or heterogeneous severe emphysema to improve quality of life, lung function, and exercise capacity. 

The PneumRx® Coil system was CE mark certified in late 2010 followed by the first full year of commercial product distribution in Europe in 2011.  In addition to Europe, Coil treatment is now available in numerous countries  including Australia, Columbia, Israel, and New Zealand.

PneumRx has conducted several randomized controlled trials (RCT) of the PneumRx® Coil System, including the completion of a pivotal trial with results published in JAMA in 2016.