Our Manifesto

In Interventional Medicine we’re making giant leaps with smaller, increasingly less invasive steps. Today we can pinpoint the problems inside us and journey within blood vessels to deliver ingenious treatments exactly where they’re needed most. And as medicine moves from major surgery to minor procedure, from the systemic to the local, no company endeavours to do more than BTG to help doctors in their quest to see more, reach further and treat smarter. Our growing family of innovators already equip clinicians with tools and techniques that would have seemed like science fiction only a generation ago. We’ve set the standards for others to follow, but we’re not resting there. Proud as we are of what we do now, we are busy shaping what happens next, because for BTG the race to conquer inner space is always on. With relentless curiosity we’ll work with clinicians to find elegant new ways to extend our power over disease. We’ll reach the day when intelligent technologies travel through the body as freely as a blood cell, to seek out and eliminate threats to health with molecular accuracy. There are no limits to where our ideas will take us. Imagine where we can go.

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