6 Things Everyone Should Know About BTG

Hello we’re BTG

We're proud of our heritage in science and technology. In fact, our innovations are so successful they're better known than we are. Now, as we grow, and are doing even more, we think it's time we shared a bit about ourselves - so here are six things everyone should know about BTG.

1. We've never been as well known as the things we do

We’ve been a driving force in medicine for over 50 years, but not everyone has heard the name BTG. Perhaps that’s because we’re generally happy to let our innovations get more attention than we do. Over the years we’ve contributed to breakthroughs like Magnetic Resonance Imaging, hip replacements and recombinant Factor IX. More recently we’ve played a major role in the story of abiraterone acetate, a new standard of care in advanced prostate cancer.

The Story of BTG
The Story of BTG

2. We’re growing for a good reason

Our current portfolio tells the story of a company that’s dedicated to improving the lives of people with cancer, vascular disorders and acute care needs. And when you’re up against big, complex problems like these, it helps to have real momentum in research and development. That ambition is why we’ve grown from our original UK beginnings into the international enterprise we are today. It’s also the reason we’ve acquired other industry-leading companies and have always been keen to foster links with clinicians and academics. We’re building a worldwide community of inventive minds capable of extending the reach of science and technology over disease.

3. We think Interventional Medicine is the place to be

If you’re reading this there’s a strong chance you are as excited as we are about the potential of Interventional Medicine. With brands like LC Bead®, LC Bead LUMITM, DC Bead®, DC Bead LUMITM, Bead Block®, TheraSphere®, EKOS®, Varithena®, PneumRx and GALILTM, we’re putting our belief in the power of Interventional Medicine into practice. But we’re harnessing our enthusiasm in other ways too. As Interventional Medicine very often happens in a multidisciplinary setting, we know the importance of educating other healthcare professionals about the bright new possibilities this specialty can offer. Interventional Medicine is the place to be – and we’re telling everyone.

4. Our three Rs are research, research and research

When physicians choose our products they are staking their own professional authority on the outcomes those products achieve. We take great pride in that trust, which is why the demand for evidence runs through everything we do. It begins with the simple act of listening. Whether it’s spotting opportunities to improve our products or identifying unmet needs, we are constantly learning from our physician partners. The more we learn, the more we invest in product innovation, physician-led exploratory studies and full-scale clinical trials. In 2016/17 we invested over £87.7M (USD$114M) into research and development.

5. We have our own BTG way of doing things

We may be at the leading edge of science and innovation, but there is one thing about us you might think of as rather traditional: ours is a company that’s guided by strong core values. We fully recognise our responsibilities to physicians, patients, payers and the communities where we operate. Of course, we promote our products with all the enthusiasm you’d expect, but away from that spotlight we also invest in training and support programs, in studies that demonstrate the value of what we do and in community outreach activities. That’s what BTG stands for.

6. There’s no cure for our curiosity

We’ve come a long way, but like the keen scientists we are, our minds are much more focused on the future than the past. It’s company policy to be intrigued by what’s coming next. And while some may wait around to find out, we prefer to get on with the job of making change happen. In Interventional Medicine that continuing project is inspired by patient needs. It’s all about bringing together the best companies and the brightest minds – and collaborating closely with those physicians in the vanguard of Interventional Medicine. The goal always is to see more, reach further and treat smarter.