TheraSphere® and Radiation Safety

Did you know?

Radiation exposure to the healthcare professional during a TheraSphere® treatment is well below the amount of exposure from a US coast-to-coast flight.11,12

ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable13

The use of radiation for beneficial purposes in medical procedures is a major contributor to improved human health. However, the benefits of treatment need to be balanced with the risks of radiation exposure.

ALARA is a radiation safety principle of keeping unnecessary radiation exposure and release of radioactive materials to the environment as low as can be achieved by employing all reasonable methods.11

ALARA is also a regulatory requirement for all radiation safety programs.

ALARA is based on the assumption that exposure to radiation of any dose increases the probability of detrimental biological effects such as genetic mutations and cancer.

ALARA can be achieved using three key factors:

  1. Time: Reducing exposure time reduces radiation risk.
  2. Distance: Doubling the distance reduces radiation exposure four-fold
  3. Shielding: Shielding material absorbs radiation between the source and the individual

TheraSphere® dose vial and the Administration Accessory kit are designed with ALARA in mind to reduce radiation exposure to both healthcare professionals and patients to ‘As Low As Reasonably Achievable’ levels.

Ready to Use Dose vial minimises radiation exposure to staff with accuracy traceable to NIST standards. There is no risk of contamination from transfer of microsphere as the container is the administration vial. 14,12

Quick and Easy Administration with an infusion time of less than five minutes, requiring no fluoroscopy or contrast during administration.14

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