About Bead Block®

Bead Block® is an embolic device intended for the purpose of embolising the blood vessels of a variety of hypervascularized tumours (e.g. uterine fibroids) and arteriovenous malformations. Bead Block® is a preformed, deformable microsphere consisting of a biocompatible, acrylamido polyvinyl alcohol macromer.

Bead Block® compressible microspheres are used in embolisation therapy. This is a minimally invasive (non-surgical) procedure performed by an interventional radiologist. By blocking the blood supply to the target area, the tumour or malformation is starved of nutrients and shrinks in size.


Bead Block® microspheres are produced from a biocompatible polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel. The microspheres are tinted blue for easy visualisation and are supplied pre-filled colour coded syringes for added procedural safety and efficiency.
The unique structure of Bead Block® – PVA hydrogel cross-linked with acrylic polymer – ensures smooth delivery and targeted embolisation.

Accurate Sizing

Bead Block® is precisely calibrated to offer reliable and consistent size distribution and predicable embolisation.

Compressibility with Rapid Shape Recovery

  • Bead Block® can be temporarily deformed to facilitate smooth passage through the catheter lumen.1
  • Bead Block® rapidly returns to its spherical shape once delivered from the catheter, facilitating travel to the target vessel and effective embolisation at the endpoint.1

Spherical Integrity

  • Studies show that, unlike other embolics, Bead Block® does not aggregate or fragment, either of which may compromise the embolisation endpoint.2

Bead Block® embolic agent offers:

  • Proven performance for the embolisation of hypervascular tumours and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), including uterine fibroids
  • Blue-tinted beads, in prefilled, colour-coded syringes for added convenience and safety
  • Precisely calibrated sizing for effective and accurate embolisation
  • Compressible spherical embolic with 100% elastic shape recovery for easier delivery
  • Confidence of product and clinical support from Biocompatibles – leaders in embolisation technology

Embolisation of hypervascular renal tumours in combination therapy

Bead Block® embolic agent offers the benefits associated with targeted occlusion of renal vessels and is ideally suited for super-selective arterial embolisation. Recent studies3-6 have demonstrated that super selective embolisation of renal tumours prior to resection or ablation may offer the following benefits:
  • Preservation of renal function
  • Reduced RFA heat sink effect
  • Reduced probability of bleeding
  • Eliminate the need to clamp renal vessels