The Procedure

The Endobronchial Coil Procedure is an interventional bronchoscopic treatment method for patients with homogeneous and/or heterogeneous severe emphysema.

The procedure is performed with the use of a 2.8mm working channel therapeutic bronchoscope and under fluoroscopy. The recommended treatment strategy is to deploy the Coils in sub-segmental airways of the most damaged lung lobe (10-12 Coils in upper lobes and 10-14 Coils in lower lobes). 

The minimally invasive procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia and lasts approximately 35 to 45 minutes.  It is a bilateral treatment and the second procedure should be scheduled one to three months after the first procedure.

The Coil Implantation 

The Catheter delivers the straightened Coil through the bronchoscope and into the target airway.
The Forceps grasp the proximal end of the Coil to deliver the Coil to the target airway through the Catheter.
The Coil recovers to its pre-determined shape upon deployment at the target tissue site. 
The recommended treatment strategy is to deploy 10-12 Coils in upper lobes or 10-14 Coils in lower lobes.
Coils are designed to gather and compress damaged lung tissue, re-tensioning the airway network to mechanically increase elastic recoil in the emphysematous lung.
This action may reduce airway collapse and air trapping, while redirecting air to healthier portions of the lung.
Before BVLR with Coils Before BLVR with Coils
After BVLR with Coils After BLVR with Coils