Technical Recommendations


DC Bead LUMI are the next generation of the gold- standard DC Bead and the first commercially available radiopaque drug-eluting beads, offering you a new level of control during your TACE procedures and at follow-up.


The technical considerations presented here are based on feedback from physicians using BTG’s radiopaque beadtechnology in the USA and is designed to help you optimise the use of this unique product technology.

Please contact your BTG representative to ensure you receive appropriate in-service training for your first LUMI-TACE case(s) and any ongoing support you require as your experience grows and you incorporate DC Bead LUMI into your everyday practice.

*‘First’ refers to commercial availability
† The images shown and experience referenced in this piece are based on clinical case experience with the BTG radiopaque bead product in the US. The US Food and Drug Administration on 14 December 2015 cleared this radiopaque embolic bead under the branded name “LC Bead LUMI™” for the treatment of hypervascular tumours and arteriovenous malformations. DC Bead LUMI™ has CE Mark approval as a radiopaque drug-eluting bead. In order to avoid confusion, BTG has replaced any references to LC Bead LUMI™ with DC Bead LUMI™, as it is the radiopaque nature of the product that is being demonstrated.