Graduate Programme Q&A - Nicole

Graduate Programme Q&A - Nicole

Graduate Programme Q&A - Nicole


What attracted you to the graduate scheme at BTG?

When I saw the graduate scheme advertised, I liked the idea of rotating through different areas of the company, which would allow me to understand both how the company functions as a whole and also gain insight into the area in which I may want to work in the future. With a science background, I was also attracted to BTG’s innovative outlook and portfolio, and I thought I would enjoy working for a company that works to further science and medical technology.

You are on a rotation programme. What does that look like exactly?

The scheme is two years long. The first year is formed of rotations through three different areas of the company. For the second year we are aligned to an area of the company, where we will come up with a project and work to implement it in a particular area of the business. I’m now working as a member of the Global Market Access team.

How do you spend your lunch break?

I’m trying to be good and make my own lunch, but when I don’t I enjoy a walk by the lake to a nearby supermarket.  Apart from that, mainly socialising, and perhaps a spot of table tennis!

Have you got involved in any social activities?

I went go-karting. It was my first time in a kart and it was great fun, although also slightly terrifying!

Name one thing that struck you about the culture at BTG?

Mainly how friendly and open everyone seems to be, even if someone is quite high up in the company, they don’t seem to be conscious of a hierarchy and are happy to give you their time.

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